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Research on Hypertension Published in EBioMedicine
Release time:2019-05-06

Recently, research team of the hospital led by Professor Tao Jun of Hypertension & Vascular Disease Unit published a paper in EBioMedicine, a biomedical open access journal published by The Lancet.

Hypertension is characterized by capillary rarefaction and exploring the mechanisms of capillary rarefaction has important clinical implications in management of hypertension. The research further confirmed that hypertensive patients exhibit capillary rarefaction, which contribute to further understanding of the occurrence and development of hypertension. The study demonstrates that mitochondrial dysfunction-mediated the fall in angiogenic capacity of late EPCs related to the capillary rarefaction in hypertension, providing the novel insight into the potential of late EPC mitochondria as a novel target for the treatment of hypertension-related loss of microvascular density.