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Prof. Kuang Ming Shared Anti-epidemic Experience in 6th International Webinar of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics
Release time:2020-05-12

On May 3, 2020, Prof. Kuang Ming, Vice President of The First Affiliated Hospital, SYSU and Executive Dean of Zhongshan School of Medicine, SYSU, was invited to share anti-epidemic experience in the 6th International Webinar of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. The webinar was co-chaired by Prof. Russell D’Souza, Chair of Education Department of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, and Prof. Mary Mathew, Head of Indian Program of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. A total of 894 medical educators from around the world registered and participated in the webinar, including chairmen from world-renowned medical organizations, such as ECFMG, FAIMER, WFME, AMEE, etc.


The main theme of the webinar was Ethical Issues in Medical Education in the wake of COVID-19. Prof. Kuang’s thoughts and insights on the reform of medical education and ethical issues after COVID-19 were warmly received and endorsed. He also expressed the hospital's willingness to work together with international medical educators to jointly promote the balanced and sustainable development of medical education. Prof. D’Souza looked forward to further cooperation with FAH-SYSU in the future and proposed the establishment of a UNESCO Chair in Bioethics Center in Sun Yat-sen University to promote medical education in China.


This is the first time for FAH-SYSU to be invited to the discussion in the international webinar hosted by UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. The interaction with international experts and peers in medical education has effectively strengthened the communication and exchange between FAH-SYSU and international medical education organizations.