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Neurosurgery ICU
Ou Yangbin
Chief physician
Clinical Interests Critical care medicine, Clinical nutrition in critical care
Medical Education MD, PhD
Work Experiences 1992-2000, 2004-Now: SICU, The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University 2000-2004: RICU, Massachusetts General Hospital, MA, USA
Outpatient Schedule -

Prof. Ou is the committee member of Society of Critical Care Medicine of Chinese Medical Association. She worked as an ICU physician from 1992 in The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun-Yatsen University and had a training experience in RICU of MGH from 2001-2004. Her main interests are in multiple organ dysfunction and nutrition support in critically ill patients. She has had more than 40 publications and 23 of them were published in SCI journal of critical care medicine. She has had 7 books published, as a chief editor, in critical care medicine in China.