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Diagnostic Radiology
Chu Jianping
Associate chief physician
Clinical Interests Neuroradiology, head and neck, functional MRI
Medical Education Ph.D. , M.D.
Work Experiences 2009-2010, Fellow of Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
Outpatient Schedule -

Social Appointment

1.Member of head and neck group, Magnetic Resonance Committee of the 14th Annual Radiology branch of China Medical Association

2.Member of Neuroscience Committee of the 14th Annual Radiology branch of the Chinese Medical Association

3.Member of the first neurological Radiology committee, China Physicians Association, Neurology Branch

4.Member of Neurology group, medical Association of Guangdong Province

5.Medical editor of the Journal of Imaging Diagnosis and interventional Radiology

6.Reviewer of the Journal of Radiology Practice

7.World Journal of Gastroenterology, Reviewer

Representative Articles

1. Jianping Chu, High-resolution MRI of intraparotid facial nerve based on microsurface coil and 3D-PSIF-DWI sequence at 3T. American Journal of Neuroradiology

2. Jianping Chu*, Quantitative Evaluation of Diffusion and Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR in Tumor Parenchyma and Peritumoral Area for Distinction of Brain Tumors. Plos One, September 18, 2015.