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Laboratory Medicine
Zhang Shihong
Associate chief technologist
Clinical Interests Has long been engaged in clinical hematology pathology examine and diagnostic; Clinical laboratory diagnostic in Humoral.
Medical Education Bachelor of Medicine
Work Experiences In charge of the clinical hematology laboratory management more than ten years. Also focus on blood disease examine and diagnosis, process optimization and recycling, emergency inspection, molecular diagnosis of male disease diagnosis experiment, laboratory, quality inspection system of fluid, the research and application of detecting urine screening rules of morphology, through research and the application of medicine.
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Currently the member of China inspection laboratory physician Specialized and Immunology health inspection and Technical, Chinese Cardiovascular Society of Anesthesiology and clinical inspection Committee; Currently the Committee members of Guangdong province Biomedical Engineering Society of clinical laboratory medicine Specialized, Guangdong Province Institute of liver disease diagnosis Specialized, Guangdong Medical Society of trace elements;Currently  the deputy leader of Guangdong Province Institute of Hematology inspection group。

He published a numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals .He currently serves as an Administrative Editor for 5 books , Editorial Board Member for 2 books