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Pancreatobiliary Surgery
Chen Liuhua
Associate chief physician
Clinical Interests Diagnosis and Surgical treatment, especially laparoscopic surgery for hepato-pancreatic-biliary diseases and Spleen diseases.
Medical Education MD & PhD
Work Experiences 1995.07 - 2000.07: Resident doctor Attending Doctor, 157 hospital of Guangzhou Military Area Command of The Chinese People's Liberation Army. 2000.01 - Now: Attending Doctor, Associate Professor, Department of Minimally invasive surgery and Department of Pancreatobiliary Surgery, The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University.
Outpatient Schedule Friday morning

Chen Liuhua, Associate Professor of The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University. He has devoted himself and been involved in the field of hepatic, pancreatic , biliary and spleen surgery since 1995, His major study has focused on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the diseases of Pancreas, Liver, Bile duct system and Spleen, especially on the minimal invasive treatment for these diseases, has 20 years experience laparoscopic surgery for hepato-pancreatic-biliary diseases and Spleen diseases. He had published over 20 First-authored and/or corresponding-authored papers in public journals till now, including SCI journals..