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Organ Transplant Center
Chen Lizhong
Professor,Chief physician
Clinical Interests Engaged in renal transplantation for more than 20 years. Skilled in Surgery both donor and recipient. Be familiar with living donor renal transplantation, DCD/DBD renal transplantation, desensitization management and infection posttransplantation, especially in CMV and BKV infection.
Medical Education M.D. achieved in 1992
Work Experiences Professor in Organ Transplant Center from 2003 to present Associate professor in Urology and kidney transplant department form 2006-2003
Outpatient Schedule Thursday morning

I am the vice president of Organ transplantation association of Guangdong province, and a member of Chinese Medical Association. I am an editor of Current Opinion of Transplantation (Chinese edition) and Transplantation (Chinese edition). I have published more than 100 papers on kidney transplantation field, including 25 SCI articles as corresponding authors, especially on the field of infection and living transplantation. As a doctor instructor, I have instructed more than 10 M.D and Ph. D. in kidney transplant in recent years.