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Organ Transplant Center
Chen Guodong
Associate Professor,Associate chief physician
Clinical Interests Performed more than 800 kidney transplantation, including ABO incompatible and HLA incompatible live kidney transplant. Expert in evaluating DCD donors using Lifeport. Expert in treatment of rejection and infection, especially acute AMR, and infection of HBV, CMV and fungi after kidney transplant.
Medical Education M.D. & Ph. D. achieved in 2013
Work Experiences Associate professor, deputy chief surgeon, master instructor in Organ Transplant Center from 2014 to present. Attending surgeon in Organ transplant center from 2009 to 2013
Outpatient Schedule Friday afternoon

I am an associate professor, deputy chief surgeon, and master instructor in Organ Transplant Center. I am a member of American Society of Transplantation (AST), and European Society of Organ Transplant (ESOT). I have published more than 60 articles on kidney transplant field, including 13 SCI articles as first author or corresponding author. I achieved a Youth Scientist Funding from National Natural Science Foundation of China. I have been invited to oral presentation at World Transplant Congress, American Transplant Congress, and European Transplant Congress for eight times.