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da Vinci Si surgical system is the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery available in the world today. The integration of high resolution 3d vision, wristed instrumentation and Intuitive motion control enable the da Vinci surgeon transcend the limitation of conventional surgical technologies, enabling a minimally invasive approach to a broad range of complex surgical procedures.


Artiszeego bring unparalleled flexibility to your operating room and interventionalsuite. The Siemens unique robotic technology enables smoother, swifter, andtrouble-free patient positioning and execution of procedures of your investmentwith cutting-edge procedures enabled by this unique flexibility and unmatchedon-the-spot imaging capabilities.

Thesystem of the Artis zeego are equipped with the MEGALIX CAT plus tube and 30x40detector. The impressive number of more than 5500 installed Artis zee systemsis comes to interventional imaging and inmaging in surgical suites.

MAGNETOMMR-ORcombines premium MRI technology with state-of-the art OR solutions.Resulting in highly detailed image quality, safe, efficient patient set-up and-transport, as well as cost-effective and flexible solutions for siting and ORtables.

MAGNETOMVerio Siemens´ top-of-the line MRI systems for optimizing neurosurgicalprocedures –before, during and after surgery.

1)Deliverexceptional quality and speed in MRI

2)Go forconsistent results, efficiently

3)A full rangeof advanced clinical applications:Diffusion,perfusion, spectro, DTI etc.

4)Better accessand more satisfied patients due to 70 cm OpenBore, short system length, andlight-weight coils