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Chinese Journal of Vascularl Surgery(Electronic Version)

Chinese Journal of Vascularl Surgery(Electronic Version), launed in September 2008, is governed by National Health and Family Planning Comission of the People’s Republic of China, sponsored by People’s Medical Publishing House, published by People’s Medical ElectronicAudio-visual Publishing House Co. Ltd and managed by Sun Yat-sen University. Pro. Wang Shenming(editor in chief) has been engaged in vascular surgery for more than thirty years and is a well-known expert in this speciality. The scope of the journal encompasses the progress and achievements on basic theory, experimental study and clinical trial. The objective of the journal is to comprehensively and systematically reflect academic trends and up-to-date advances at home and abroad and to promote the academic development and communication in the field of vascular surgery in China. The readers are senior and attending doctors engaged in clinical practice, scientific research and teaching on vascular surgery and related specialities.

Chinese Journal of Vascular Surgery(Electronic Version) is published quarterly. It is of the size of international standard 16, and is printed on copper paper with high quality of binding and printing. It provides readers with specific comments, workshops, original research data, case reports, in-depth reviews and research abstracts. The journal not only has joined “Chinese Journal Net” and “Chinese Academic Journal”, but also has promptly been listed in “Chinese Periodicals of Statistical Origin ” edited by Ministry of Science and Technology.

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