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Modern Clinical Nursing

Modern Clinical Nursing (ISSNl671-8283,CN44-1570/R), sponsored by Sun Yat-sen University and administered by Ministry of Educationof thePeople’s Republic of China,is a national academic monthlyjournal of nursing with international journals standard of big size 16, 64 pages and priced 7.00 yuan per issue. Launched in June 2002, Modern Clinical Nursing has been cited as source journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citationssince June2006. The main columns include seminar, latest nursing, monograph, basic nursing, specialized research, investigation, psychological nursing, health education, nutrition nursing, nursing with traditional Chinese medicine, medicineand nursing, nursing management, nursing education, nursing knowledge and experience, rehabilitation and social services, inpatient infection and monitoring, small innovation, international exchange, case nursing, personage introductionand information.


Editorial Office and Publisher

Address: Editorial Board of Modern Clinical Nursing

                 The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University

                 No. 58 of Zhongshan Er Lu, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province,China

ZipCode: 510080

Tel: 020-87330961,020-87755766-8050