Microsurgery, Orthopedic Trauma and Hand Surgery


Key Figures

Total 56 staff: 23 doctors, 33 nurses.

Total 76 Ward beds


The Department of Microsurgery, Orthopedic Trauma and Hand Surgery was inherited from the Department of Microsurgery which was established in 1978.We were authorized to confer master degree in 1980 and doctoral degree in 1986. In 2000, we initiated postdoctoral program in clinical medicine. We launched a magazine named Journal of Microsurgery in 1978, the magazine was renamed as Chinese Journal of Microsurgery in 1985. The Department of Orthopedics and the Department of Microsurgery merged into a new Department of Orthopedics-Microsurgery in 1999, and the Orthopaedic Iinstitute was established in 2005. The Department of Microsurgery is consisted of two unit : Microsurgery, Orthopedic Trauma and Hand Surgery Unit located in the headquarter of our hospital, and the Upper Limb Orthopedic Units located in a territorial hospital (Eastern Hospital). In 2011 hand surgery in our department was authorized to be National Key Clinical Specialty in Hand Surgery, and was approved to be the Guangdong’s Center for Peripheral Nerve Tissue Engineering Technology Research. In 2013, the Department of Orthopedics and Microsurgery was authorized to be the National Key Clinical Specialty in Orthopedics. And the Orthopedic Institute was approved as the key laboratory of Guangdong in 2016.

Clinical Services       

The clinical services of our department include but not limited to the management of injury about the extremity and the pelvic ring, such as fracture and dislocation, neurovascular injury, tendon, muscle and skin injury, peripheral nerve and brachial plexus injury. We are well-known at using microsurgical and minimal invasive techniques in repair and reconstruction of the extremity secondary to trauma, congenital or acquired deformity and treatment of lymphedema. Our department are up to the national top level in terms of clinical performance, teaching and scientific research. Nowadays, our department is rewarded as national clinical key specialty of hand surgery. Today, our department is among the top hospitals in clinical technology.


Now 18 of our team members have been rewarded with PhD degree, 5 are PhD tutors and 8 are master tutors. Professor Jia-Kai Zhu, one of the founder of our department, now is appointed as the Distinguished Professor of our hospital. He was the second President of the Chinese Microsurgery Society, the former editor-in-chief of the Chinese Journal of Microsurgery, and honored with the title 'China Microsurgery Lifetime Achievement Award '. Professor Xiao-lin Liu is the chairman the immediately pasted President of the Chinese Microsurgery Soctiey and the editor-in-chief  of the Chinese Journal of Microsurgery. Professor Li-qiang Gu, is the director of the Department of Orthopedics and Microsurgery, and the President-elected of the Chinese Microsurgery Soctiey. Associate Director Qing-tang Zhu (committee member of the Chinese Microsurgery Soctiey, Deputy Secretary-General), Associate director Jian Qi (committee member of Youth Committee for Chinese Hand Surgery Soctiey).


The department of Microsurgery, Orthopedic Trauma & Hand Surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital Sun Yat-Sen University has completed two projects from National 863 project. We got 15 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 33 Provincial funds, 15 Bureau funds with the totaling value of 180,00,000. So far, our team has published 270 academic papers(more than 60 SCI),obtained 10 national patents, won the first prize of China-made research cooperation innovation achievements, won the First as well as the second prize of  the Science and Technology Progress award from Ministry of Education , the First, second prize of science and technology progress in Guangdong Province. The total numbers of all kinds of scientific research awards is 15 items. The current research projects include 1 national major research and development project special project, 1 National 973 program sub-topics, 1 project of the national health industry scientific research, 6 the National Natural Science Funds and  22 provincial and ministerial level funds, total research funds account for 1,300,000.

International Collaboration

We have been paying much attention to personnel training and building close connections with prestigious institutes such as Sweden's Lund university, the university of California Irvine, and UCLA. What is more, we sent young physicians to study overseas. At the same time, many senior doctors from America, Germany, Sweden, and Italy came to our department to study. Many excellent professors in our department now are well-known both at home and abroad.


Currently, there are 14 staff in the department, which includes 9 senior specialists. (3 professors, 6 associate professors).

Gu Liqiang, M.D. PhD

Professor and Chairman, PHD Supervisor

Zhu Qingtang, M.D. PhD

Professor and associate director, master Supervisor

Liu Xiaolin, M.D. PhD

Professor and academic leaders, PHD Supervisor

Qi Jian M.D. PhD

Associate Professor, associate director, master Supervisor

Li Ping, M.D. PhD

Associate Professor, master Supervisor

Xiang Jianping, M.D. PhD

Associate Professor, master Supervisor

Wang Dong, M.D. PhD

Associate Professor, master Supervisor

Wang Honggang, M.D. PhD

Associate Professor, master Supervisor

He Bo, M.D. PhD

Associate Professor, master Supervisor