Sports Medicine



There are 15 beds in the Department of Sports Medicine, served by professional surgeon, anesthesia and rehabilitation teams. Our orthopedic team includes one professor, one associate professor, two experienced attending surgeons, and other trainees who are highly skilled with vast experience in their specialty area of orthopedic surgery. High-resolution monitors and best-in-class arthroscopic instruments are provided for arthroscopy surgery in our department.

Clinical Services   

Our surgery team performed more than 500 surgeries (mainly include ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery) per year with excellent surgical outcomes. And the number of shoulder arthroscopic surgery significantly increased these years. We treated the full spectrum of sports-related and orthopedic shoulder diseases with satisfying clinical and functional outcomes, e.g. Rotator cuff tears, Bankart lesion, and so on.


Our department faculty trains future orthopedic surgeons through our undergraduate internship training program, postgraduate residency training program and fellowship training program. 2 postgraduate students are recruited each year in our department.  


The Department of Sports Medicine brings together orthopedic surgeons and researchers to develop tomorrow’s treatment options for patients with orthopedic problems. Clinical investigations on optimizing outcomes of ACL reconstruction and disease risk factors of meniscus injuries continue to provide evidence-based rationales for treatment improvement. In basic medical science, research on tissue engineering of cartilage and molecular mechanism of cartilage degeneration holds promise for innovative treatment for a variety of joint problems. Our team holds two NSFC grants, and many other provincial grants.   

International Collaboration

We build long term cooperation relationship with the orthopedic department of Brigham and women’s hospital, Harvard Medical School in USA. One PhD candidate has been trained in the orthopedic department of Brigham and women’s hospital as a fellow in a co-educate PhD program supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC) (


He Aishan, M.D.

Professor and Chairman, Master Supervisor, Department of Sports Medcine

Kang Yan, M.D.

Associate professor, Master Supervisor.