Department of Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit


Our Team

Total 30 staff: 8 Doctors, 22 Nurses

Total 10 beds


Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) is one of the National Key Clinical specialties in China, with 8 intensive care beds and 2 transition beds. For every medical and surgical department, PICU cures critical ill children less than 14 years. Our team was dedicated to the fields of severe respiratory diseases, intensive care therapy for cancer patients perioperative period, nervemuscular diseases and other professional medical problems. With full of love, PICU works highly quality with continuous improvement serving patients from all over the country and overseas. In Southern China and the country has a good influence in a number of national and provincial professional association committee member and vice chairman of the Standing Committee and other staff。

Clinical Services

Focusing on the demand of patients, we are committed to building a harmonious relationship between the medical staffs and patients. Annually over 400 critically ill children were treated by our team, and about 90% patients were rescued. The main treatment of diseases include Severe pneumonia, Sepsis, Septic shock, Hypovolemic shock, ARDS, donor management, liver or kidney transplantation, combined with perioperative patients with Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS). The current characteristic medical programs are as follows: 

1.Childrens’ Surgery Patients monitor and treatment (Nasal jejunum tube and ultrasound positioning puncture) ;

2.Renal replacement therapy in child (CRRT);

3.Donor maintenance;

4.Perioperative management of Liver transplantation and Kidney transplantation;

5.ARDS (Prone position ventilation, No inhalation and ECMO) and ImmunoCompromised Pneumonia monitor and treatment.


PICU is part of Guangdong province undergraduate teaching Pediatrics courses, the level of teaching quality is rather high; for many years to carry out the national continuing education program; won the award in a number of teaching; many people won the outstanding undergraduate teachers and outstanding undergraduate and doctoral tutor Title liaison long-range teaching research papers published. Up to now, there are 4graduate students.


Under the guidance of Dr. Tang Wen, the Department of pediatric intensive care unit has been committed to basic and clinical research in Sepsis, Shock, Pompe disease, Nutritional therapy, Donor maintenance and Perioperative management of liver transplantation and kidney transplantation etc. A number of clinical and basic research funded by the Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, Guangdong / Guangzhou science and technology project and the Guangdong medical science foundation; dozens of papers published in domestic and foreign medical journal, editor of 'fetal and neonatal infectious diseases", to participate in the preparation of annual 'critical medicine" Yearbook, writes other monographs.


Currently, there are 8 staffs in the department, including 2 senior specialists. (1 professors, 1 associate professors).  

Tang Wen , M.D. PhD.

Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor, Department of PICU

Li Yijuan, M.D. PhD.

Associate professor, Doctor Supervisor, Department of PICU