Department of Andrology



Andrology Center recently set up in our hospital is the rising inter-disciplines,which is one of the Chinese andrology doctors training center.There are more than 10 members specialized in different subject in the department, including urology, andrology, reproductive medicine, male health management and so on. They were engaged in the clinic, research and teaching duty in the field of Andrology.Among them, Prof. Deng Chun-hua is the president-elect of Chinese society of Andrology, Prof. Sun Xiang-zhou is the Chairman designate of Guangdong Society of Andrology and the Chairman of Guangdong Society for men health management, Prof. Tu Xiang-an is the Chairman of branch of Andrology in Guangdong association of clinical medicine.

Clinical Services       

The andrology outpatient unit specializes in the evaluation and treatment of senile and difficult male infertility, diagnosis & treatment of difficult prostate diseases, comprehensive prevention and treatment of male sexual dysfunction, male genital plastic surgery, men health management,etc., which is one the characteristics of the hospital,attracting a large number of patients from South China and Southeast Asia.

Patients with difficulty and serious andrology diseases are treated in the in-patient ward. In recent years, we carried out a series of leading andrology-specific technology including Transurethral incision of ejaculatory ducts, microscopic vasectomy reversal and vasoepididymostomy, microsurgical spermatic cord denervation,microsurgical spermatic vein ligation,seminal vesicle microscopy, penile prosthesis implantation, external genital orthotics operation, transurethral resection of the prostate, laparoscopic and robotic radical prostatectomy, etc.

A series of new technology in diagnosis and treatment of azoospermia were honored by Guangdong province science and Technology Progress Award (Second prize,2014) and Guangdong province eugenics technology Progress Award(First prize,2016). Moreover, we have edited about 10 monographs on andrology, containing Surgery in andrology, Microsurgery in andrology, Varicocele and Male Infertility, Rare Disease of Andrology.

Series of new technologies for early diagnosis of erectile dysfunction(ED) and its health warning effect for the overall health enriched the chronic disease management concept of erectile dysfunction,which was incorporated into the guidelineof diagnosis and treatment of ED.


As the support unit of the Chinese andrology doctors training center, more than 10 postgraduates and doctoral students are trained each year. These students and their visiting doctors have gradually become the key members of andrology in their hospitals. In addition, through inviting domestic and foreign well-known experts to teaching and research,we regularly carry out courses including progress in andrology,reproductive medicine,microscopic and minimaliy invasive Surgery in andrology etc.


The major areas include etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment of male infertility,sexual dysfunction and prostate disease; the clinical transformation of stem cells for the treatment of andrology disease.We have undertaken more than 20 funds in the recent 5 years. The total funds is more than 20 million yuan.We have published more than 200 papers in domestic and international academic journals, such as Biomaterials, J Sex Med, Int J Androl, more than 50 of which are selected as source journals by SCI.

International Collaboration

We put a great power to carry out domestic and international cooperation. We work together with the Research Center of Stem Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering, the State Key lab for Life Sciences in our university. At the same time, we expanded clinical and research collaboration with the University of California, Wake Forest University, Cornell University and other overseas academic institutions.


There are 15 staff in the department, which includes 10 senior specialists. (4 professors, 4 associate professors).

Deng Chun-hua

Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor,the president-elect of Chinese society of Andrology,the chairman of Chinese andrology physician training centere (Guangdong).

Sun Xiang-zhou

Professor, Doctoral supervisor, the Chairman designate of Guangdong Society of Andrology and the Chairman of Guangdong Society for men health management.

Tu Xiang-an

Professor,Doctoral supervisor, the Chairman of branch of Andrology in Guangdong association of clinical medicine.

Wang Dao-hu (adjunct)

M.D, Professor, Chief physician, Master supervisor, Department of Urology, the Chairman of the Male Health Branch of Guangdong Health Management Association.

Mo Sui-lin (adjunct)

M.D, Master supervisor and chairman, Department of traditional Chinese medicine, the chairman of Medical Examination center and Male health Management Center(preparing).

Gao Yong

M.D, Master supervisor, Department of Reproductive Andrology;

Chen Xu (adjunct)

M.D, Associate chief physician, Department of Urology;

Xiang Yong (adjunct)

Associate chief physician, Department of Urology;

Zhao Liang (adjunct)

Associate chief physician, Department of Urology;