Department of Burns

Department of Burns in The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University specializing in burn care provides critical, surgical and rehabilitative care for patients with varying degrees of new and healed burns. Opened in the middle of the twentieth century, the department has become the national clinical key specialty of Ministry of Health; the clinical key specialty of Burns in Guangdong Province; the key specialty of provincial “Five ‘One’ Project”; the National Drug Clinical Research base; the fellowship training center of burn surgery, and the recruitment unit of postgraduate student& doctoral candidates. 

Faculties of the department have served as President-elected of Chinese Burn Association, Chinese Medical Association; the President of Chinese BurnRehabilitation Association, CRA; the President of Biophysics and Regeneration Medicine,CPAM; former& current president, member of Standing Committee of Guangdong Burn Association, Guangdong Medical Association; member of standing committee of Burn Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association; vice chairman of Burn Branch of Guangdong Medical Doctor Association and vice chairman of Wound Management Branch of Guangdong Association of the Integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. 

Thanks to the joint effort of all the medical faculties, the influence of our department ranks high in China. In 2016, Professor Tianzeng Li of our department was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award of Burn Surgery by Chinese Medical Association.