Division of Vascular Surgery

Key Figures

Total 34 staff13 doctors, 21 nurses.

Total 46 Ward beds


The Division of Vascular Surgery in the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, one of the first independent vascular specialties in China, was founded in 1964. During the first 30 years, Drs. Chen Guorui and Lin Yongjie, known as the first generation of vascular surgeons in China, had been exploring hard and laid a solid foundation for its flourish. In 1997, Professor Wang Shenming took over the chief of the division of vascular surgery, and committed to building an excellent team with distinguished professionals, and had achieved a series of outstanding academic achievements. Professor Li Xiaoxi took over the chief in 2005, and had achieved remarkable achievements. In 2014, Professor Chang Guangqi succeeded and continues to lead the team and division to higher level and excellence.

Clinical Services 

The Department of General Surgery is one of the national clinical key specialties, and vascular surgery constitutes a key sub-specialty. Our center also owns the Guangdong Provincial Vascular Disease Research Center and Guangdong Provincial Vascular disease Diagnosis and Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center, as well as the National Local Joint Vascular Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Engineering laboratory. We are engaged in treating numerous patients with challenging vascular diseases by applying state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment technologies, and have achieved excellent clinical outcomes. We have accumulated extensive experiences in the comprehensive management of aortic dissection, aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial diseases, carotid body tumor, chronic venous insufficiency, and others.


Our center pays meticulous attention to teaching work. We are absorbed in teaching medical college students, graduate students, residents, and visiting fellows from all over the country. We have cultivated a large number of excellent vascular surgery master and doctoral candidates, and numerous professionals.


In the past decade, we spare no effort to scientific research and have achieved remarkable achievements. A total of more than 30 of various research funds, including the country 863 projects, the country 973 Project, and the National Natural Science Foundation and Youth projects. In the past 5 years, our faculties have authored more than 60 peer-reviewed English paper. The project 'The diagnosis and treatment of primary chronic venous insufficiency" was awarded with the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award in 2009, and 'The treatment and pathogenesis of aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection" received the first prize of the 2014 Huaxia Medical Science and Technology Award and 2014 Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Advancement Award.

International Collaboration

We have established international translational research partnership with Chunxiang Zhang, FACS, professor of University of Alabama at Birmingham, in vascular biology and Non-coding RNA and atherosclerosis. Our investigations have been published in many TOP journals of vascular surgery such as JACC, ATVB, and JMCC.


Currently, there are 13 staff in the department, which includes 7 senior specialists. (5 professors, 2 associate professors).

Chang Guangqi, M.D.

Professor and Chief, Doctor Supervisor, Division of Vascular Surgery

Wang Jinsong, M.D.

Professor and Vice Chief, Doctor Supervisor, Division of Vascular Surgery

Hu Zuojun, M.D.

Professor and Vice Chief, Doctor Supervisor, Division of Vascular Surgery

Yao Chen, M.D.

Professor and Vice Chief, Doctor Supervisor, Division of Vascular Surgery

Wang Shenming, M.D.

Professor and Academic Leader, Doctor Supervisor, Division of Vascular Surgery

Wang Mian, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, Division of Vascular Surgery

Li Zilun, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, Division of Vascular Surgery