Department of General Surgery

Key Figures

Total 417 staff: 138 doctors, 267 nurses.

Total 369 Ward beds


The Department of General Surgery of The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University has a long history.In 1964, the divisions of Gastrointestininal Surgery , Hepatobiliary Surgery, Vascular & Thyroid and Breast Surgery have been established within the Department of General Surgery. The department is one of the earliest Departments of General Surgery with separated specialities in mainland China. It was approved for award and conferment of master degree in 1978 when mainland China first implemented postgraduate education, and was then approved for award and conferment of doctoral degree in 1986.

In 1995, the department entered the list of the Key Specialty of “Project 211” and was honored as the National Key Discipline in 2001. Besides, it was selected as the specialist doctor training bases of National Health Ministry in 2006, and as one of three general surgeon training bases of University of Edinburgh in mainland China in 2010. In 2011, the General Surgery Quality Control Center of Guangdong Province was founded in the department. In 2012, the department was honored as 'National Key  Clinical Speciality of National Health Ministry".

The department now consists of seven specialities and one Laboratory: Liver Surgery (including Liver transplantation), Pancreatobilliary surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery Center (first, second and third department of Gastrointestinal Surgery), Vascular & Thyroid and Breast Surgery,and General Surgery Laboratory.

Clinical services

The practice of the department is focused on diagnosis and treatment of common tumors, including gastrointestinal,thyroid, breast, and hepatobiliary tumors. It is also engaged to further innovate and develop novel techniques in abdominal organ transplantation.It is highly strengthening the capability to diagnose and cure vascular surgical diseases and actively engaged in endovascular treatment with the establishment of Southern China Vascular Surgery Center.The cooperation and combination of various medical specialties, which concentrates on general surgical diseases, is developed for the purpose to properly regulate the diagnosis and treatment criterion.

Innovation of new techniques is being pursued for better diagnosis and treatment of general surgery diseases. Every year there are nearly 197681 out-patients, 77756 outpatient for expert-service and 20334 in-patient treated in the department. Operations are conducted for 13375 patients per year in average.


There are 25 doctoral supervisors and 45 master supervisors, and is highly concerned about postgraduate education after being permitted for award and conferment of MD and PhD. The division has been transformed to a training base mainly aiming at the education of PhD and successive MD-PhD  postgraduates. Close cooperation between the department and famous universities or research institutions worldwide is set up to support a number of excellent PhD candidates who desire to go abroad for further training and improvement. In clinical practice, postgraduates are arranged to take charge of first-line or second-line clinical duty according to their time in clinic. There are totally 67 PhD and 115 MD candidates trained in the department during recent 5 years.


The key element of clinical and basic researches is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of general surgery cancer/vascular diseases, and transplantation of end-stage liver diseases. In recent 5 years,the department has received the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Award (once), the First Prize (twice) and the Third Prize (once)of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award, Huaxia Medical Award (once) and Zhonghua Medical Award (once). Based on supports from 48 National Funds and 124 Provincial Funds, 788 scientific research papers are published on domestic and international medical journals,including 465 publications on journals embodied by the SCI, including Nature(IF:40) and Lancet Oncology(IF:33.9).

International Collaboration

We have established international translational research partnership with Chunxiang Zhang, FACS, professor of University of Alabama at Birmingham, in vascular biology and Non-coding RNA and atherosclerosis. Our investigations have been published in many TOP journals of vascular surgery such as JACC, ATVB, and JMCC.In addition, we have established partnership with The Methodist Hospital, USA. In 2016,our department has recruited 1 expert of the national “thousands of people plan” and 2 experts of “Hundred Talents Program” from this hospital. In the recent 5 years,4 young doctors have participated the Post-Doctoral Traingee Exchange Program Between The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and First Affliated Hospital,Sun Yat-Sen University, and 10 Ph.D candidates participated in the international Co-training Ph.D program.


Currently, there are 417 staffs in the department, which includes 75 senior specialists. 40 professors, 35 associate professors.

Director: Baogang Peng, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Division of Liver Surgery

Deputy Director: Songqi Li, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Division of Thyroid and Breast Surgery

Deputy Director: Zhiyong Guo, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Division of Liver Transplantation