Medical Intensive Care Unit


Key Figures

Total 54 staff: 13 doctors and 48 nurses.

Total 16 Ward beds.


The Department of Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) was established in 1998, in September 2009, with SICU, NICU and other specialist composed of Severe Medical Department. MICU re-assigned to Internal Medicine at November 2016. Professor Xie Canmao served as academic leader of MICU, Professor Zeng Mian is the Chief of Service. The 16-bed MICU is staffed by 2 professors, 1 associate professors, 4 ICU specialists and 7 ICU residents. 

Clinical Services

The MICU is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of clinical care to critical patients. Specialist services include severe pneumonia, acute respiratory failure, ARDS, acute pulmonary embolism, septic shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation, severe pancreatitis, acute kidney injury, chronic renal failure, liver failure etc. With the expertise in critical patients monitoring and resuscitation, the department also regularly performmany diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including Picco hemodynamic monitoring, bronchoscopy therapy, invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation etc.


There are currently 2 doctoral supervisors, 2 graduate supervisors, 4 postgraduate students (3 scientific-degree students and 1 clinical-degree student) and 1 medical doctor students. Professor Zeng Mian, Associate Professor Luo Yifeng, Dr. Huang Xubin also participate in undergraduate medicine and diagnostic teaching. Every year more than 20 trainee doctors of respiratory and critical care and more than 40 training residents and postgraduate students receive training in the department.


The department made important progress in scientific research, undertakes 1 'the National Natural Science Foundation of China", 1 'Key Science and Technology Planning Project of the Guangdong Province", 3" Science and Technology Planning Project of Guangdong Province" and 1" Science and Technology Planning Project of Guangzhou". In the past five years more than 10 SCI papers have been published. The department also join in the pulmonary embolism national support program in the 12th and 13th national five-year plan, the multicenter clinical trial of pulmonary embolism therapeutic protocol research and the global multicenter research program of ventilator associated pneumonia (TR 701-132).

International Collaboration

The national multi-center pulmonary embolism clinical observation and treatment research. Global multi-center double-blind study 'Ventilator Pneumonia Project (TR701-132)".


Currently there are 13 specialists in the department, including 4 senior specialists(2 professors and 2 associate professors)listed below:

Xie Canmao, M.D.

Professor, Academic Leader of the department of MICU, Doctoral Supervisor

Zeng Mian, M.D.

Professor and Chief of the department of MICU, Doctoral Supervisor

Luo Yifeng, M.D.

Associate professor and Vice director, department of MICU, Graduate Supervisor