Division of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation (Cardiology Unit V)


Key Figures

Total 8 staff3 doctors , 2 nurses, 2 technicians


The Division of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation (original Enhanced External Counterpulsation, EECP center) is one of the distinctive disciplines of Department of Cardiovascular medicine. Founded in 1976, EECP center has made tremendous efforts in the fields of clinical services, basic research, patent and industrialization of EECP.

In line with the trend of cardiovascular medicine development, the Division of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation was set up to provide high quality medical care, which  integrating exercise training with EECP in 2010.

Clinical Services


A noninvasive modality for the treatment of ischemic cardiovascular disease. The division offers outpatient EECP treatment for more than 50 patients everyday.

- Non-Invasive Stress Testing

Include cardiopulmonary exercise testing, CPET and treadmill stress testing

- An individualized exercise program customized for each individual patient

- Non-Invasive arteriosclerosis detecting

Include PWV and ABI


The division possesses 1 doctoral tutor and 2 postgraduate student tutors. There are more than 10 Ph.D. and M. D., more than 20 masters have graduated. Teaching of Internal Medicine, Diagnostics for Undergraduate in Chinese and English.


In collaboration with ministerial Key Laboratory on Assisted Circulation, the division has won projects at state and provincial levels, including those under the National Science and Technology Key Project, the National Natural Science Foundation, the key Clinical Project. Published several highly influential SCI papers in world-class journals including Circulation, Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, International Journal of Cardiology.

International Collaboration

The long- term collaboration with the Professors from the Division of Cardiology, State University of New York at Stony Brook is fruitful in EECP research and development. 


Currently, there are 8 staff in the department, which includes 3 senior specialists. ( 1 professor, 2 associate professors).

Zhang Yan, M.D.

Associate Professor, Director, Postgraduate Student Supervisor, Division of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Leng Xiuyu, M.D.

Associate Professor, Deputy Director, Division of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Zheng Zhensheng , M.D.

Professor, Doctor Supervisor, Division of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation