Pediatric Cardiology


Department of Pediatric Cardiology was established in 1998, which is one of the earliest departments in Southern China Region for pediatric cardiology and transcatheter diagnosis and therapy for children’s congenital heart disease. For years, we receive infants and children’s cases of common type and severe type as well. In our department, currently, there are 9 specialist doctors, in whom 78% received Medical Doctor Degree, including 4 tutors of postgraduate (3 for master student and 1 for doctor student).

Health Care

Doctors in our departments are with good basic knowledge and well-trained medical techniques, including management and care for patients with common pediatric disease or cardiac problems, cardiac catheter technique, electrophysiological study, echocardiography, ability of intensive care for severe and post-operational cases. For years, we receive amounts of infants and children’s severe and complex cases in Southern China Region.


We are concerned with medical education in daily medical work, especially to put emphasis on methodology and basic knowledge. Currently, there are 4 tutors of postgraduate, having trained plenty of medical doctors and masters of Pediatric Cardiology. Meanwhile, our department is one of the major pediatric training bases of the standardized training for resident doctor, providing a standardized training of diagnosis and therapy for cardiac, respiratory, digestive, neurological and nutritional diseases.


Researches focus on the basis and clinical study of children heart and great vessels diseases and pulmonary hypertension and so on. Foundations were received in some programs and some are undergoing. Scientific articles were published in Medical Journals in China or overseas.


Our department is a training base for resident doctor, specialist doctor, undergraduate students and graduate students. Basic knowledge, basic technique and methodology are emphasized. Youth and mainstay doctors were sent to famous medical center in and out of China for further study.


Director: Youzhen Qin     

Deputy Director: Yunquan Li

Professor/Chief doctor: Huishen Wang

Associate Professor/Associate Chief doctor: Youzhen Qin, Yunquan Li, Ling Zhu

Specialist Doctor: Shujuan Li, Yuese Lin, Xuandi Li, Hongjun Ba, Shan Li