Extracorporeal Circulation

Key Figures

Total 9 staff: 6 doctors, 3 nurses.


We started extracorporeal circulation in our hospital in 1960s. The department of extracorporeal circulation was founded in 2014. There are 9 staffs in our department, 1 PhD superviser. The related technology is mainly used in cardiac surgery, also applied in some non cardiac surgery, and plays a more and more important role in rescuing critically ill patients.

Clinical Services 

The department is specialized and renowned in the treatment of all cardiac surgery extracorporeal circulation and other non cardiac surgery,such as tumor thermal therapy, liver transplantation, etc. At present, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) technology is widely applied to rescue and treatment of critically ill patients. Every year we accomplish over 800 cases of surgeries.


Currently there are 9 medicial staff members in the department, including 6 doctors and the Doctor/Nurse ratio is 2:1. The department including 1 doctorate supervisor, 1 with PhD degree, 5 with master degree, 1 with senior professional title, 1 with intermediate title, and 4 with junior title. While annual refresher doctors else where 2-3 and postgraduate 2-3.


Combine clinical work we have carried out the relevant professional academic research undertaken and completed several research projects and thesis. Papers published in several professional magazines at home and abroad, and several times in the report on the specialized academic conferences at home and abroad. At present, provincial and ministerial-level projects are undertaking in this department, and more than 10 papers are published recent years in professional journals at Chinese core journals and scientific citation indexed journals.


Currently, there are 9 staff in the department, which includes 1 senior specialists. ( 1 professors).

Rong Jian, M.D.

Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor, Department of Extracorporeal Circulation