Medical Examination Center

Key Figures

Total 27 staff: 10 doctors, 10 nurses.


The medical examination center of the first affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University was founded in 2003, and it was one of the first medical examination centers of grade III, class A hospitals in Guangzhou city. Depend on the hospital’s best clinical, prophylactic and rehabilitation medicine resources, integrating specialists and precise medical instruments of the whole hospital, the department devote to provide high-quality medical examination and health management services. In the past five years, the department serviced more than sixty thousand persons per year to provide professional and individualized medical examinations. Customers mainly come from Guangdong province, the south of China and Southeast Asia. The department has been awarded as “the most popular medical examination centers” in the poll by and “the most dependable medical examination centers among the people” in poll by

Clinical Services

The department provides personal physical examination and company physical examination. We have ENT doctors, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, physicians, radiologists and ultrasound doctors to provide comprehensive body checkup. In use of appropriate software we collect and save physical examination data convenient for us to generate body checkup report. Take advantage of the data bank we provide systematic health management to persons and companies.  For those highly suspected as patients or possibly been diagnosed for some diseases, we provide medical guidance and green-way to special department so as to people in need get diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. In case of emergency during the checkup, our experienced doctors and nurses would deal with the emergency at the first time, and corporate with ER staffs to rescue the client. As so far we have successfully rescued several acute myocardial infarction and hypertension emergency cases. 


The department has one doctor supervisor and one master tutor. Two tutors recruit doctoral or master students each year according to the teaching schedule and carefully cultivate them until graduation.


In the past five years, the department has been in charge of 3 scientific research funds from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and took part in several clinical research collaboration items. The major research area is about traditional Chinese medicine and integrated medicines and about hypertension and exercise effect on vascular protecting. With the above funds support, more than ten SCI papers have been published to show counterparts what we have done.


Currently, there are 27 staff in the department, which includes 8 senior specialists. (2 professors, 6associate professors).

Mo Suilin, Ph.D

Professor and Director, Doctor Supervisor

Ma Yuxuan, M.N

Chief nurse and vice director, Master Tutor

Fan Haihong

Associate chief physician

Huang Yu

Associate chief physician

Tan Chang

Associate chief physician

Wang Yan

Associate chief physician

Wu Liping

Associate chief nurse and Head nurse

Zhu Mingfan

Associate chief nurse