Outpatient Department of East Campus

Sun Yat-Sen University

Key Figures

Staff in the Department 

6 Doctor, 1 Laboratorian, 1 Radiologist, 5 Nurse, 1 Pharmacist, 2 Cashier, 2 Driver

Director - Ge hui 

Vice Director - Zhang wan jun


The department is located at the Guangzhou East campus of Sun Yat-sen University, Higher Education Mega Center in the east part of Guangzhou city. The department provide regular clinical services to the teachers, students and workers of the university, and the local residents. The regular clinical services provided include medical treatment, health care for activities, physical examination, radioscopy, laboratory test, and diseases prevention.

Clinical Services

7 sections comprise the department, including doctor office, nurse office, laboratory room, x-ray room, pharmacy, cashier and one car for medical use. The regular clinical services provided include medical treatment, laboratory blood test, x-ray check, physical examination. The medical consultant service will be provided in our department as well. The patient with serious diseases will be transfer to higher level hospital for further treatment. We provide excellent and professional medical service to people, and receive reasonable and helpful feedback from the patients. The department is large and full function; it is one of the best outpatient departments in the Higher Education Mega Center.


20 papers have been published in ten years.


Currently, there are 6 doctors in the department, including 1 associate chief physician and 5 attending physicians.

He Yao, Associate chief physician

Zhang Wanjun, Attending physician, vice director of department

Chen Zili, Attending physician

Chen Tingjia, Attending physician

Xu Xiangdong, Attending physician

He Hong, Attending physician-

Chen Xiaochun, Senior nurse, Head nurse

Yi Zengming, Supervisor nurse

Chen Fang, Senior nurse

Yang Fei, Senior nurse

Dai Jiehong, Senior nurse

Ma Huifang, Laboratotian

Lv Jianrao, Radiologist