Outpatient Department of North Campus

Sun Yat-Sen University

Key Figures

Total 13 staff: 5 doctors, 4 nurses.


North Campus Clinic is an extension of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, located in the north campus of Sun Yat-sen University. North campus clinic of medical technical personnel 13 people, including staff four subtropical high above title. Campus in the outpatient clinic, surgery, gynecology, general, physical therapy, prevention, health care, radiology, ultrasound room, laboratory, pharmacy, etc. Institute the department according to actual circumstances, give technical support

Clinical Services   

North campus clinic mainly undertake the North Campus of Sun Yat-sen University teachers and students staff common daily outpatient care, prevention and control of infectious diseases and various kinds of activities, health education and newborn matriculation examination, medical students and faculty in a medical work. North campus clinic dedicated to the North and the South campus of Zhongshan university teachers and students staff to provide quality and convenient clinical medical health care service.


Currently, there are 13 staff in the department. ( 2 associate professors).

Huang Fangying, Associate chief physician

Huang Zhengqing, Associate chief physician