Department of Laboratory Medicine


²  Key figures

Total 93 staff: 11 PhDs, 15 masters and 10 members with physician qualification certificate.


²  Introduction of the Department of Laboratory Medicine

The department of laboratory medicine is one of the largest laboratory bases for medical service, research and medical education in China. The department was awarded the National Key Clinical Specialty and the Provincial Key Specialty in 2013 and 2012 respectively. In 2015, it became the first batch of high-throughput sequencing pilot units approved by the State Health Commission. As one of the first-class medical testing center, we give full play to our model effect and leading effects, and promote the rapid development of the laboratory medicine in Guangdong and surrounding areas.


²  Clinical services

Equipped with advanced technology and equipments including pneumatic transmission logistics system and highly intelligent, automated detection system, we carried out nearly 700 testing panels, more than 35 million tests annually.

Our department has a complete quality system, which is established in line with 'Medical laboratories--Particular requirements for quality and competence ISO-15189", the CAP Accreditation program and the 'Management of clinical laboratory" launched by the State Health Commission.


²  Education

The department has a complete education system of undergraduate, master and PhD. We established master program and PhD program of clinical laboratory diagnostics in 2000 and 2003 respectively. In 2007, it became the first batch of clinical laboratory specialist training base. There are 1 PhD supervisor and 2 master supervisors in our department. There are over 300 students graduating from our department with bachelor degree and over 30 students with master or PhD degree.


²  Research

We have achieved many breakthroughs in both basic and clinical scientific research funded by grants including National Natural Science Foundation, provincial and municipal medical research. We publish 30 to 40 academic articles, including 10 to 20 SCI papers every year. Our staff members have participated in writing in over 10 books on laboratory medicine. We continue to increase our focus on team science and collaboration with researchers across other departments and hospitals.


²  International Collaboration

Our faculty members were trained in famous institutions in USA, France, Hong Kong, such as Harvard Medical School, MD Anderson cancer center, Sloan Kettering cancer center as visiting scientists. We maintain collaboration with above institutions in clinical research.


²  Specialists

Currently, there are 93 staff in the department, which includes 20 senior specialists. (3 chief technologists, 17 associate chief technologists).


Liu Min

chief technologists and Chairman, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Huang Bin, Ph.D

chief technologists and Vice Chairman, Master Supervisor, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Zhang Shihong

associate chief technologists and Vice Chairman, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Xu Hongxu

chief technologists and Vice Chairman, Master Supervisor, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Ouyang Juan, M.D. Ph.D

associate chief technologists and Vice Chairman, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Sun Yanhong

Ph.D,   Associate chief technologists Medicine

Chen Dongmei

Associate   chief technologists

Wan Jianxin

Associate   chief technologist

Liao Ying

Associate   chief technologist

Liao Kang

Associate   chief technologist

Chen Qiugang

Associate   chief technologist

Cui Yingpeng

Associate   chief technologist

Zeng Zhijie

Associate   chief technologist

He Xiaohong

Ph.D,   Associate chief technologist

Wang Bo

Associate   senior technologist

Wang Dong

Associate   senior technologist

Zhang Jianqing

Associate   senior technologist

Zeng Wentao

Associate   senior technologist

Li Laisheng

Ph.D,   Associate senior technologist

Yan Miansheng

Associate   senior technologist