Department of Diagnostic Radiology

Key Figures

Total  126  staff:45 doctors,  60 technicians, 12 nurses, 9 Registrars.


The Department of Diagnostic Radiology was founded in 1950 and it’s one of the pioneers of radiology in China. The entire service has 126 care providers. Among the faculty, 8 are full professors, 12 associate professors. 5 faculty members mentor the doctor's program and 11 master's program. The service focus on medical service, education and scientific research, and has been among one of the leading status in China in clinical, research, and teaching activities. Since 2014, our department has become one of the constructing departments of the National Key Disciplines Program.

Clinical Services       

We have the most advanced equipments in nation and all of our diagnostic radiology services are supported by PACS system. Our department is equipped with four magnetic resonance (MR) scanners rated at 3.0 and 1.5 T, one state-of-the-art intraoperative 3.0T MR system, one 640-slice multidedector CT (MDCT) scanner, one 160-slice MDCT scanner, and two 64-slice spiral CT scanners. Two fluoroscopy suites are dedicated for gastroenterological procedures, and a special imaging unit for mammography. In 2016, we performed more than 400,000 diagnostic examinations, giving patients access to a wide spectrum of imaging modalities. With the state of art equipments, many advanced imaging techniques have been applied to our clinical practice, such as CT 3D reconstruction, CT endoscopy, CTA, MRA,MR spectroscopy, MR perfusion imaging,diffusion imaging and so on. And a broad range of research activities with these techniques have been carried out in our department. Our achievements in the imaging diagnosis of musculoskeletal diseases, digestive system diseases, cardiovascular diseases and brain diseases attract nation-wide attention.


The Department prides itself on its excellence in medical education. Our undergraduate program is among the best in China. In 2007, our curriculum in Diagnostic Radiology earned its National Exemplary Status. We have 5 to 10 graduate doctors and masters each year. Our residency training program offers a vast opportunity for learning at different levels via a series of didactics and hands-on experience supervised by senior faculty in various subspecialties. Our continuing medical education programs also offer courses to over a hundred radiologists from around China every year.


A high level of scientific research has been achieved in our department. We have won several research grants from the National Natural Science Foundation and a number of other funds granted by Guangdong Province. There have been more than 10 research funds in recent five years. We also published more than 65 SCI papers, 45 papers on core journals in China's science and technology field, and 4 dedicated academic books in recent five years.


Currently, there are 126 staff in the department, which includes 20 senior specialists. ( 8 professors、12 associate professors).

Li Ziping, M.D.

Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor

Zheng Keguo, M.D.

Professor and Vice Chairman, Master Supervisor

Yang Zhiyun, M.D.

Professor and Vice Chairman, Doctor Supervisor

Guo Yan, M.D.

Professor and Vice Chairman, Doctor Supervisor

Meng Quanfei, M.D.

Professor and Academic Leader, Doctor Supervisor

Yu Shenping, M.D.

Professor, Master Supervisor

Yang Youyou, M.D.

Professor, Master Supervisor

Feng Shiting, M.D.

Professor, Doctor Supervisor

Li Xiangmin, Bachelor of Medicine

Associate Professor

Shen Bingqi, Master of Medicine

Associate Professor

Liu Mingjuan, Bachelor of Medicine

Associate Professor

Kuang Jianyi, Bachelor of Medicine

Associate Professor

Jiang Bo, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Jiang Li, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Sun Canhui, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Zhou Xuhui, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Zhang Zhaohui, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Fan Miao, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Chu Jianping, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Peng Zhenpeng, M.D.

Associate Professor