Cardiac Surgery ICU

Key Figures

Total 79 staff: 13 doctors, 65 nurses,1 Respiratory therapist

Total 18 Ward beds


Cardiothoracic surgery ICU(CSICU) of  the first Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University was bulit up over 30 years ago and was one of the earliest cardiothoracic surgery ICU in our country. In 2014, CSICU expanded the number of beds from 6 to 18. Following the increased scale, the department enhanced its holistic clinical ability.

At present, 18 beds are available in the CSICU, and the number of patients has reached nearly 1,000 annually. The team now has 79 working staff with 1 chief physician, 2 Master supervisors and 4 attending physicians. With the first-rate talent, the most advanced clinical equipment and scientifically designed education and training system, the department of CSICU has high reputation in domestic Cardiothoracic surgery monitor field. We have become an important base for cardiothoracic diseases in various ways including diagnosis, treatment, research and health care.

Clinical Services    

Nowadays, the diagnosing and treatment technique in CSICU has possessed the leading position internationally. We have done abundant clinical explorations and practices on perioperative management of cardiac surgery and other departments, sepsis, nutritional support and ultrasound intensive care. CSICU can independently carry out invasive and non- invasive hemodynamics monitoring, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP), invasive and non-invasive respiratory support, bronchoscopy, percutaneous tracheotomy, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), ultrasound intensive care and other techniques related to intensive care.


CSICU in the first Affiliated Hospital of SYSU is also a significant teaching base of Intensive Care Medicine in China. Each year, CSICU takes on the task of educating and training refresher physicians, rotation physicians, intern physicians from all departments, Medical students and postgraduates of ICU. CSICU receives over 20 refresher physicians from all over China last year and sponsors national refresher lessons in consecutive years.


CSICU has published over 10 articles on foreign and domestic authoritative academic journals. During recent years. CSICU delivered speeches at top-level conferences reporting the clinical achievements which were displayed in posters as well, demonstrating the strong scientific research strength of the department.


Currently, there are 79 staff in the department, all physicians got Master's degree, 4 have doctorate degrees. Over 95% of nurses and RT has bachelor's degrees.

BaiYun Tang, M.D.

Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor, Department of Cardiothoracic surgery ICU.