Critical Care Medicine Unit II

Our Team

Total 37 staff: 8 Doctors, 1 Respiratory Therapist, 28 Nurses

Total 10 beds


Being established in 1992, our Surgical Intensive Care Unit was one of the five domestic ICU training bases supported by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China. As pioneer of Critical Care Medicine (CCM) in China, our team was dedicated to the fields of severe surgical patient management for years. With the development of academic discipline, Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) expanded into two wards in 2014, including Unit One and Unit Two. In Unit Two, there are 10 beds, 9 physicians, including 1 professor/chief physician, 1 associate professor/associate chief physicians, 3 lecturer/attending physician, 3 residents and 1 respiratory therapist. The Department of Critical Care Medicine was certified as National Clinical Key discipline by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China. Dr. Changjie Cai, the Chief Director of the Department of Unit Two of Critical Care Medicine.

Clinical Services    

Focusing on the demand of patients, we are committed to building a harmonious relationship between the doctors and patients. Annually about 350-400 surgical patients were treated by our team, and 85-90% patients were rescued. The main treatment of diseases include Sepsis, Septic shock, Hypovolemic shock, ARDS, Severe pneumonia, Acute severe pancreatitis, Donor management, Liver or Kidney transplantation, combined with perioperative patients with Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS). The current characteristic medical programs are as follows: 

1. Hepatobiliary Surgery Patients monitor and treatment (ICG and Ultrasound positioning puncture) 

2. Acute Severe Pancreatitis monitor and treatment(Nasal jejunum tube and CRRT)

3. Donor maintenance

4.Perioperative management of Liver transplantation and Kidney transplantation

5.ARDS (Prone position ventilation, No inhalation and ECMO) and ImmunoCompromised Pneumonia monitor and treatment.


Currently our team has one doctoral tutor and 1 master tutor. Up to now, there are 17 graduate students. In 2017 we started to recruit Doctoral degree student. The number of training doctors from all over the country was 15-20 per year. The Department of Unit Two of Critical Care Medicine is also the training base of undergraduate education and Guangdong Province Continuing Education Project in CRRT、Bedside Ultrasound and ECMO.


Under the guidance of Dr. Changjie Cai, the Department of Unit Two of Critical Care Medicine has been committed to basic and clinical research in Sepsis, Shock, MODS, Hemodynamics monitoring, Sedative analgesia, Nutritional therapy ,Donor maintenance and Perioperative management of liver transplantation and kidney transplantation etc. The programs undertook by our team include 3 Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation Projects and several Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Science and Technology Project. We published 5 SCI articles and 50 papers on Chinese core journals.


Currently, there are 9 staffs in the department, including 2 senior specialists. (1 professors, 1 associate professors).  

Cai ChangJie , M.D. PhD.

Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor

Huang ShunWei, M.D. PhD.

Associate professor, Doctor Supervisor