Nursing Department

Using vertical management system, the nursing department sets up three level nursing administration system, which is nursing department, special  departments and wards. Taking the efficient nursing team,  brilliant people, management, technology and service as our nursing vision. The nursing department found six committees including nursing quality control and continual improvement, training and research management , specific nursing management, nursing teaching management, nursing human resource management and culture and team management. We have one state key clinical department project, specific nursing ,which has 11 nursing specialist clinics, 15 clinical nurse specialism training bases and 28 specialist nursing groups, solving many perplexing diseases in clinic. 

The nursing department is awarded as “Excellent hospital assessment of high quality of nursing service” and “Excellent ward assessment of high quality of nursing service” by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China, as well as the first nursing position management pilot hospital, and also awarded as “high quality of nursing service demonstration hospital” by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong province. 

It is the vice-president unit of Chinese Nurse Association,the president unit of Guangdong Nursing Association,and the chairman unit of Guangdong Nursing Quality Control Center. There are brilliant people holding a post in some influential  associations. 9 of them take office in Chinese Nursing Association , 9 specialist nursing leaders are the chairman of committees of Guangdong Nursing Association and 26 of them are the vice-chairman of committees of Guangdong Nursing Association.

Health Education Department of the First affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University was founded in May 1998.  Its main purpose is to promote the idea of health and to supply the basic services for both patients and other citizens who need them. The department consists of consulting room, reading room, and classroom of health education. The primary professional services include:

1. There are many professional medical、nursing and sanitarian books in the reading room, which are all free for both in-patient and out-patient.

2. The lectures about common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and specialized diseases are often organized in both communities and hospital every year, 4-5 times in each month on average.

3. Sodalities for patients are often held, such as for neostomy patients and for mammectomy patients. This provides opportunities for patients to discuss their conditions and to acquire basic medical information related to their diagnosis.

4. Consultation and guidance through telephone are available for both in and out patients.

5. Brochures and leaflets about health education are free throughout the hospital.

6. Making specialized and seasonal scientific bulletins for each wards.

7. Continuous nursing services are supplied for discharged patients: consultation about subsequent treatment, transfer treatment, home visiting and home nursing (Tel: 020-87332195).

8. Organization of gratuitous treatment and health consultation among communities nearby.

We have already provided heath-educational services for many people, which have given them faith and courage to conquer illnesses. We've also helped numerous people build positive attitudes and habits in their daily lives.

“The caring for your health begins from you”

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