Clinic of General Surgery


There are 7 surgeons, 5 surgical residents and 17 nurses.

Doctors include a professor and 3 associate professors, 3 attending physicians. There are 1 chief nurse, 3 deputy head nurses, 8 nurses in charge and 6 register nurses

Clinical Work

Clinic of General Surgery provides comprehensive surgical consultation and care in many subspecialties of common surgical diseases. We  have much experiences in treating trauma, various wounds, minimal invasive hemorrhoids treatment and hemorrhoidectomy, circumcision, anal fissure, underarm odor, phimosis, superficial tumor, chronic wounds, refractory paronychia.


Clinic of General Surgery is responsible for the Zhongshan University medical education and training.  surgery trainee, graduate students, undergraduates and nurses are trained in outpatient surgery teaching training. Professor Li Qiang was honored 'The Zhongshan University YE RENGAO - LI YOUJI TEACHING AWARD Excellent Young Teachers", 'Excellent Teachers" and 'The Best Welcomed Intern Teacher" of The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University.

Social Events

Director Li Qiang is a member of Committee of traditional Chinese and western medicine colon anus disease of Guangdong province. He is  member of the standing committee of Guangdong Province Institute of health management of chronic wounds Rehabilitation.

Huang Manrong deputy head nurse is vice chairman of Guangdong Province nursing committee Academy of nursing stoma; Chinese Nursing Association twenty-sixth World Council of stoma, wound incontinence care professional committee.

Director: Li Qiang