Unit of Hyperbaric Oxygen

Key Figures

Total 5 staff: 2 doctors, 2 nurses and 1 engineer


As the first Unit of Hyperbaric Oxygen in South China, has been 40 years of history. The former director of the Department of Professor Liu Zifan long as the National Association of hyperbaric oxygen medicine, Guangdong Province, director of hyperbaric oxygen medicine, multi-person cabin, single cabin and other cabin complete, clinical experience, strict rules and regulations, the cabin environment is pleasant.

Clinical Services

The annual treatment of tens of thousands of people, the number of treatment diseases and the number of leading domestic status, for all types of related diseases such as sudden deafness, cerebrovascular accident, ischemia and hypoxic encephalopathy, adjuvant treatment of malignant tumors have a very rich experience The After the completion of the new oxygen chamber, thanks to the advanced cabin monitoring and rescue equipment, patients with critical condition can be very early intervened, greatly improving the treatment effect.


Editor of the 'practical hyperbaric oxygen medicine", and access to the 1993 State Education Commission of science and technology progress prize three. Presided over the provincial health department research fund project. And Sun Yat-sen University Intelligent Transportation Research Institute to participate in the Ministry of Environmental Protection funded air pollution project research topics, to obtain the appropriate results, published a number of related SCI and domestic core journals.


Currently, there are 5 staff in the department, which includes 1 associate professors.

Li Dongjuan, M.D

Professor and Chairman,  Doctor Supervisor