Department of Blood Transfusion

Key Figures

Total 16 staff: 1 doctor, 4 medium-grade professional technicians, 11 junior professional technicists.


Our department was established in 1983, which has become the functional department that provides a series of services including blood supply, blood transfusion test, blood transfusion treatment, and also develops researching work about blood transfusion and education. At present, our department has 16 professional and technical personnel, including 1high professional title, 4 medium-grade professional technical personnel and 11 junior professional technical personnel.

Clinical Services

Our department strictly obeys the national law, legislation and regulation about blood transfusion, and provides blood components for the clinical treatment within 24 hours. The supply of blood components including red blood cell, washed red blood cells, frozen washed red blood cells, platelets, plasma, cryoprecipitate, etc. We stay at the front position of the reasonableness level of blood transfusion in Guangdong.


We participated in the course about "blood transfusion and blood transfusion technology" for students from Zhongshan medical school, the Sun Yat-sen University .At the same time, we undertake the transfusion practice teaching work and blood transfusion professional training work of the laboratory medicine for students from Zhongshan medical school, the Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong Medical University, Guangzhou Medical University and technicians from other hospitals in China.


We are carrying on research work relating to blood transfusion actively and we published a number of articles on SCI and domestic core journals. Our research aiming at component of blood transfusion, blood transfusion safety, the analysis and countermeasures of ineffective blood transfusion, etc.


Currently, there are 16 staff in the department, which includes 1 senior specialists.

Zhou Zhenhai , M.D.

Vice Chairman of Guangdong blood transfusion association.