Department of Clinical Nutrition


Key Figures

Total 8 staffs: 7 doctors, 1 technician.


Department of Clinical Nutrition is responsible for

(1)Inpatient: nutrition consultation and follow-up, nutrition education; individualized enteral/parenteral nutrition recipe for critical illness and difficult disease;

(2) Outpatient clinic: nutrition consultation and treatment;

(3) Office of Enteral Nutrition Preparation: standardized management and operation;

(4) Education of medical students and doctors, nutrition-related research works.

Clinical Services

The Department has provided annually in the past five years

(1)  Nutrition consultation: 1060 person-times;

(2)  Nutrition ward rounds: 3500 person-times;

(3)  Specialist outpatient nutrition treatment: 11120 person-times;

(4)  Professor-grade outpatient nutrition treatment: 750 person-times;

(5)  Education for diabetic gestational women: 700 person-times;

(6)  Individualized enteral nutrition treatment for more than 24000 hospitalized patients annually in the past three years.


In the past five years, the Department is annually responsible for Education and training internship for undergraduates of the Sun Yat-sen University, School of Public Health for about 60 class hours; training students in clinical nutrition practices for 3-4 persons; Clinical training for visiting doctors from inside and outside Guangdong Province for 4-6 persons.


In the past five years, the Department has been awarded with the following project funding and awards: 1 Youth Foundation of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 Region Foundation of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 Provincial Science and Technology Program, 1 Cross-link Project, 36 published SCI papers, 14 English abstracts, 14 Chinese core journal publications, 4 monographs, and 1 China Nutrition Society Reward.


Currently, there are 8 staffs in the department, including 3 senior specialists (i.e., associate professors).

Fang Shi, M.D.

Associate Chief Physician and Department Director, Department of Clinical Nutrition

Sui Yi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Research and Department Deputy Director, Department of Clinical Nutrition

Ye Yanbin, Ph.D.

Associate Chief Physician, Department of Clinical Nutrition