Department of Radiotherapy

Key Figures

Total 40 staff, 14 doctors, 14 nurses.

Total 30 Ward beds


The department of radiotherapy was established in July 2010 as an important part of the tumor center. After years of unremitting efforts, department of radiotherapy became the master's and doctoral and postdoctoral radiotherapy in 2010, was approved by the State Construction of the national key clinical specialist oncology in 2013, and received the first batch of radiology residency training base in the country in 2014.

Clinical Services

Radiotherapy is one of the three main treatments for malignant tumors. About 70% of patients with malignant tumors need radiotherapy. According to difference of tumor and disease stages, radiotherapy can radically kill the tumor or inhibit the growth of tumor, relieve pain, improve life quality and prolong life. Radiotherapy not only plays an important role in the comprehensive treatment of tumors, but also has good curative effect for some benign diseases.

Department of radiotherapy owns international advanced radiotherapy equipment and treats multiple tumors, including glioma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma and other tumors of soft tissue tumor. Radiotherapy is also effective for trigeminal nerve pain, arteriovenous malformation, pituitary tumor, hyperthyroidism exophthalmos and keloid and other benign diseases.


Chen Yong, chief physician and master tutor, graduated from Zhongshan Medical University in 1987, and has engaged in the field of radiotherapy for nearly thirty years. He specializes in radiotherapy of head and neck cancer, prostate cancer and other tumor. Now he is standing committee of Association of Guangdong Provincial Medical Doctor Association and branch committee of Association of Guangdong provincial medical radiation oncology. There are 1 doctor supervisor and 7 master tutors in the department and have trained several doctors.


The department has dedicated in tumor combined treatment and has funded by the national fund committee in several National Natural Science funds of China. There are also several research papers published on international journals.


Currently, there are 40 staff in the department, which includes 5 senior specialists. (2 professors, 3 associate professors).

Chen Yong, M.D. Professor and Chairman, Master Supervisor, Department of radiotherapy.

Bao Yong, M.D. Associate professor and associate chairman. Master supervisor, Department of radiotherapy.

Wen Bixiu, M.D. Ph. D. Professor. Doctor supervisor, Department of radiotherapy.

Nie Dahong, M.D. Associate professor. Master supervisor, Department of radiotherapy.

Shen Guoping, M.D. Ph. D. Associate professor. Master supervisor, Department of radiotherapy.