Department of Ophthalmology


Key Figures

Total 23 staff: 15 doctors , 4 nurses, 4 technicians.

Total 10 Ward beds


The Ophthalmology department was set up in 1962 with high quality of medical care, education, research and prevention, which is the training center for postgraduates, training base of the standardization residency, and also is the Low Vision Rehabilitation Technical Guidance Center of Guangdong Province.

The department has completed professional settings, advanced equipment and experienced talent echelon. With the advantages of a department in a general hospital, we provide various professional eye cares to the patients with intractable eye diseases in various areas.

Clinical eye care: Cataract, Glaucoma, Keratopathy, Vitreoretinal diseases (Diabetic retinopathy, Retinopathy of prematurity), Refraction, Strabismus and Amblyopia, Ocular plastic, Low vision.

Surgeries: Cataract phacoemulsification & intraocular lens implantation, Cornea transplantation, Strabismus surgery, Ocular plastic surgery, Glaucoma, Lacrimal, Vitreoretinal surgeries.


The department provides Ophthalmology training courses for Nursing undergraduates from Sun Yat-sen University and Xinhua College in Sun Yat-sen University. We are also the national ophthalmic standardization residency training center and postgraduate training center with 6 master supervisors. The teacher in our department had published an academic article on ophthalmic education and got the third prize of Youth Teacher Teaching Contest in our hospital.


The department has got research funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Science and Technology Program of Guangdong Province, National Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong, the Key Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering Open Fund Program of Guangdong Province and Low Vision Recovery Scientific Research of Provincial Disable Persons’ Federation. And we also published more than 90 academic articles, 10 in SCI journals and one book on Ophthalmology.

International Collaboration

The department has established good long-term cooperative relationship with Dyson Vision Research Institute in Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences of University of Illinois at Chicago, Baylor College of Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center in USA and Moorfields Eye Hospital in UK. We have already published several academic papers together and invited the professors who are carrying out co-operative research programs as the Guest Professor as well.


Currently, there are 23 staff in the department, which includes 9 senior specialists. (1 professors, 8 associate professors)

Pengxia Wan, M.D. & Ph D.

Associate Professor and Chairman, Master Supervisor

Lijun Huo, M.D. & Ph D.

Associate Professor and Vice Chairman, Master Supervisor

Yongchong Chen, M.D.

Associate Professor

Xuemei Chen, M.D.

Associate Professor

Cuiping Ma, M.D.

Associate Professor

Rongjiang Luo, M.D. & Ph D.

Associate Professor

Shibin Gan, M.D.

Associate Professor

Wenhui Zhu, M.D.

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Ruiduan Liao, M.D.

Professor, Master Supervisor