Department of Allergy


Key Figures

Total 7 staff4 doctors , 2 nurses, 1 technician

Total 6 Ward beds


Founded in 1988, Department of Allergy of the First Affiliated Hospital of SYSU is one of the largest medical units in the area of allergen detection and immunotherapy in southern China at present, guiding the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and serious allergic diseases. It has 6 ward beds. The department built the laboratory in 1998. It topped the “national health department key discipline” since 2013.

Clinical Services

Medical therapy is the major treatment for allergic diseases,but immunotherapy draw more and more attention. We insist on stepped medication and standardized allergen vaccine for immunotherapy both subcutaneously and sublingually. Over 6000 patients received immunotherapy in our department,which reach the leading level in Southern China.


National and provincial continuing education projects were hold regularly. The characteristics of our advanced research were summarized periodically and promoted in several large meetings. Specialists were sent to primary-level hospitals for guiding, or organize study groups for juniors to our department for further education. Clinical consultancy were invested to all levels of hospitals timelessly.


Focus on the pathogenesis of allergic diseases, and the basic and clinical research of immune regulation. New kit for diagnosis,new vaccine for immunotherapy and electronic database were underway. The Department of Allergy maintains a high quality level of basic and clinical research, with over 10 National Natural Science Funds, and dozens of other research projects obtained in recent years. Around 10 high-quality SCI articles were published.


Currently, there are 18 staff in the department, which includes 2 senior specialists. (2  professors, 1 associate professors).

XuRui, M.D. Ph.D

Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor, Department of Allergy

Li Tianying, M.D.

Professor, Doctor Supervisor

Chen Dong, M.D.

Professor, Doctor Supervisor

Lin Zhibin, M.T.

Associate senior technician