Department of Otology

Key Figures

Total 23 staff: 8 doctors, 15 nurses.

Total 37 Ward beds



Our otology’s team has board-certified physicians specialized in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a full spectrum of ear disorders. Taking advantage of the advanced oto-microsurgical technique and new material, the highest quality care and the most advanced treatments would be provided. While the internal medicine group is equipped with auditory speech and balance functional examination, electrophysiological and functional magnetic resonance imaging and other advanced equipments, to provide precise diagnosis for ear disease. We are advanced in the basic research and clinical treatment in vertigo, tinnitus and deafness.

Clinical Services     

Operation performed ranged from all types of all types of tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy stapes surgery to the complicated cochlear implantation, to help the patients with hearing loss recover. The internal medicine team is capable of coping with tinnitus, deafness and vertigo. Each condition individually would be treated after the precise examination for tinnitus and deafness. Furthermore, Full audiological service will be afforded: Puretone audiogram, tympanometry; Brainstem evoked potential audiometry; Otoacoustic emission test; Comprehensive hearing aid prescription; Electronystagmography.


A certain number of graduated students are trained by the four master’s supervisors every year. College teachers can undertake all kinds of degree education and continuing education. More than ten doctoral trainees and postgraduate students are educated per year.


The otologic team is carrying out series of researches on the precise diagnosis and treatment for tinnitus, deafness gene and middle ear mechanics, etc. As one of the earliest center in cochlear implantation surgery in Southern China, the otologic department is the national cochlear implant sentinel units and participated in the initial national guideline development for cochlear implantation and sudden deafness.

International Collaboration

We keep close collaboration with couples of the top Departments of otorhinolaryngology in the world, and invite the specialists termly for training and education domestic as well as overseas. We adopt the continuing developing strategy in training our doctors in the field of clinic and scientific research.


Currently, there are 8 staff in the department, which includes 5 senior specialists (2 professors, 3 associated professors).

Guanxia Xiong , M.D.

Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor, Department of otology

Guangli Jiang, M.D.

Associated Professor and Chairman, Doctor Supervisor, Department of otology

Xihui Chen, M.D.

Professor, Department of otology

Min Liu, M.D.

Associated Professor, Department of otology

Xuan Wu, M.D.

Associated Professor, Department of otology