Pediatrics Unit III (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)


Key Figures

Total 45 staff: 10 doctors, 35 nurses.

Total 30 Ward beds


The Neonatal intensive care unit of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University is one of the earliest specialized departments in general hospitals in Guangdong Province. Our department has the most advanced medical equipment and facilities in China. Master postgraduate base was established since 1983. We are one of the chief editors unit in participating in the drafting of the 1st to 4th edition of Practice of Neonatology, and also participated in the formulation of Guidelines for neonatal nutritional support in China. Currently, it is an independent division of pediatric department. There are 10 doctors in this department, 2 of them are professor, 4 are associate professor, 2 are attending doctor, and 2 are residents. 5 of the doctors also serve as postgraduate tutors at Sun Yat-Sen University.

Clinical Service

As one of a key clinical specialties in Guangdong province, our department reaches the top in many fields, including intensive care of very low birth weight infants and critically ill neonates, intra and extra uterine exchange transfusion in the treatment of severe hemolytic disease and septicemia, prevention of retinopathy of prematurity and chronic lung disease, neonatal nutritional support, follow-up of physical and mental development of high-risk infants and neural motor behavior assessment. We have established our orientation as to improve the survival rates and life quality of premature infants, and have reinforced the cooperation with the obstetrics department and other departments to achieve integrative perinatal management for the birth defects, such as Rhesus hemolytic disease, congenital malformation, cleft lip, digestive tract malformation, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, huge omphalocele, congenital heart disease, and lymphangioma. We have taken the lead in performing ex-utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT) for neonates with congenital diaphragmatic hernia).


Doctors in the department have undertaken many research projects supported by the government and the university. These projects include the prophylaxis and treatment of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain damage, the research of nutrition metabolism and growth of preterm infants, the monitoring and prevention of nosocomial infection of neonates, the growth pattern and growth hormone resistance mechanism of non-catch-up small for gestational age infants.


In total, 40 postgraduate students have been trained and 6 postgraduate are under graduation. More than 10 Pediatric PhD students have also been trained in our unit. It is also authorized as the base for training program of neonatal specialists and rotation of resident.


Currently, there are 45 staffs in the 3rd department, which include 6 senior specialists. (2 professors, 4 associate professors).

Zhuang Si-Qi, M.D.

Professor, Master Student Supervisor, Academic leader

Li, Xiao-Yu, M.D. PhD

Associate Professor and director, Master Student Supervisor.

Huang, Yue-Fang, M.D. PhD

Professor and Vice director, Master Student Supervisor.

Liu, Mei-Na, M.D.

Associate Professor

Yu, Mu-Xue, M.D. PhD

Associate Professor, Master Student Supervisor.

Chen Wei-Qi, M.D.

Associate Professor

Li Yi-juan, M.D. PhD

Associate Professor