FAH --- University of Birmingham

With the largest clinical trials unit in Europe and rich experience in GP training, University of Birmingham is a pioneer of medical innovation and clinical care in the UK.  Combining the strengths of both sides, the partnership is an important step for the hospital to become a regional medical center in the Belt and Road Initiative.

After many rounds of negotiation, the agreement on clinical trials was signed in late 2015 and officially began in March, 2016.  Initially 6 clinical trials trainees are sent to Birmingham every year for clinical trials training.  And as the cooperative relationship deepens, the two parties are committed to establishing a joint clinical trials center in the hospital. In 2016, the first cohort of trainees consisting of 2 clinicians, 2 statisticians and 1 trials coordinator were selected for the six-month training in Birmingham, and the 2nd cohort is to start their training in September, 2017.

Signing ceremony of Clinical Trials Training Agreement


In 2017, the two institutions entered a new phase of cooperative relationship: general practice training. Agreement was signed in Birmingham City Council and witnessed by Mr. Hu Chunhua, Party Secretary, Communist Party of China Guangdong Committee, and Mr. Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou, during a major UK visit by leaders from Guangdong province.


The University of Birmingham provides training for 9 managers and 27 clinical trainers from the hospital in the initial 3-year project.  The two parties aim to set up a Primary Care Training Center based in the hospital which will ultimately turn into the regional GP training center in South China.