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AMEE, the Association of Medical Education in Europe, is a worldwide educational organization with members in almost 100 countries, and is at the forefront of educational innovation and reform in medical education. Since 2014, our hospital has initiated this exciting journey with AMEE towards excellence in medical education. We thus have become the one and only representative member of AMEE in China, which has lead to the great success of innovative educational programs and activities. We succeed in the organization of our ESME (Essential Skills of Medical Education) courses, and the first ever OSTE(Objective Structured Teaching Exercise) course in China and the first out of Europe. Transformative effect on the knowledge, skills and behaviors of our faculty are gradually shown. Our educational experts were invited to sit on different international editorial boards and joined board member meetings in the Barcelona and Helsinki conferences in 2016 and 2017, which represent the milestone for international academic leadership in medical education for China. The little acorns are germinating rapidly out of our expectation!

Today, based on fruitful outcomes emerged in the past three years and mutual trust and consensus established, we are gathering here to celebrate the grand opening of the AMEE office in China and the launch of Chinese version of the world renowned journal, Medical Teacher, guided by leaders and world-class experts from both parties, inviting AMEE Ambassador to China, Dr Huang Yingzi, to be our faculty developer.

As is told by Professor Ronald Harden, General Secretary of AMEE and father of modernized medical education, AMEE is more than pleased to announce the opening of the AMEE office in China, together with the launch of its official journal—Medical Teacher. More than any other education journal, Medical Teacher reflects international dimensions of education with authors and readership from more than 100 countries around the world. It thus gives me great honor to launch the Chinese edition of Medical Teacher, today, as a tribute to its 40th anniversary. Special thanks also goes to Professor Trevor Gibbs, who’s an internationalist and never cease to help China in medical education with his expertise and decades of precious experience around the world, without whom, today’s achievement would not have happened.

Quality health service can only be elicited from quality training of tomorrow’s doctors for China, with the ultimate outcome being improved population health. In the future, together with AMEE and its office in China located in our hospital, We are going to enhance the motivation mechanism for faculty development through strong and powerful leadership, to ensure longitudinal progression of competence, to protect and encourage an educational climate in Guangzhou, in Guangdong Province, in China; We are going to work closely to co-educate and prepare our medical students to become more competent doctors, allowing more opportunities of learning modernized educational theories and relevant methodologies, more hands-on practice, more standardized program designed for resident training, more formative assessments and outcome-based assessments to address key competencies as the results; We are going to integrate basic medical science and clinical medicine for a holistic approach to a modernized educational system with support from AMEE. Utilization of the OSCE(Objective Structured Clinical Examination ), PBL(Problem-based Learning), BEME (Best Evidence-based Medical Education) and many other innovations will be in place in a step-wise manner in the not too distant future. The reason behind is that only through international collaboration, can we explore thoroughly what is happening in the rest of the world, learn through what others have experienced and bring the best back and develop it within China.